Another year in reading

If you’re trying to keep up with the year in reading at The Millions, then, like me, you’re a little bit overwhelmed. So… many… books! All read in 2009. And all beloved by someone.

For the last few years, The Millions has done this year-end survey. Kindly, they ask only that the books be those consumed in the previous 12 months, not necessarily published in that window. Which is how, in 2008, I got to rave about Dracula (have you read it lately? It’s totally amazing).

This year I’ve also weighed in, with two favorites. The crew of contributors has become increasingly formidable¬† — this year, Hari Kunzru kicked things off — and I look forward to seeing their final boldfaced names.

Speaking of Hari Kunzru — man, I’ve really got to read My Revolutions. Maybe next year.

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