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LA Times. Jonathan Evison on his new novel, This Is Your Life, Harriet Chance!
LA Times. Remembering punk rock coffeehouse Jabberjaw with the book It All Dies Anyway
LA Times. Amy Stewart puts aside bestselling gardening books for Girl Waits with Gun
LA Times. John Scalzi: science fiction star, destroyer of trolls
LA Times. Elizabeth Gilbert storms the podcast charts, joining ranks of literary podcasters
LA Times. Jimmy Carter talks about his new book, A Full Life: Reflections at 90
LA Times. Anticipation is high for Harper Lee’s Go Set a Watchman (front page story)
LA Times. Q&A with Judd Apatow about Sick in the Head
LA Times. Juan Felipe Herrera is the new US Poet Laureate (front page story)
Virginia Quarterly Review: Jodie Evans has a Code (Pink)
LA Times. Q&A with Karl Taro Greenfeld about The Subprimes
LA Times. True adventures of bold women: 3 books for summer
LA Times. Wendell Steavenson on her Egypt memoir Circling the Square
LA Times. LAPD’53 – police photos and the bombastic James Ellroy
LA Times. Levar Burton on his passion project, Reading Rainbow
LA Times. Tavis Smiley on his new book about Maya Angelou
LA Times. A conversation between Janet Fitch and Cynthia Bond
LA Times. Q&A with Atticus Fish about Preparation for the Next Life
LA Times. Tumblr: Where books and nail art meet
LA Times. The literary life and death of alleged Robert Durst victim Susan Berman (online only)
LA Times. Q&A with Seth Greenland, novelist and ex-TV writer
LA Times. Spring books preview
LA Times. Dennis Lehane is now an Angeleno (and he’s got a new book)
LA Times. A story in a deck of cards, The Family Arcana, is a Kickstarter hit (online only)
LA Times. After 50 years, Harper Lee returns (front page story)
LA Times. David Duchovny on his debut novel, Holy Cow
LA Times. Patton Oswalt and his funny film obsession in Silver Screen Fiend

LA Times. James Patterson’s juggernaut year
LA Times. Celebrating the holidays with new LA books
LA Times. Bouchercon: The killer convention comes to Long Beach
LA Times. To write and die in LA: A tour of author graves
LA Times. Anne Rice tells me about her vampire thing
LA Times. Willliam Gibson, ever-prescient, and his novel The Peripheral
LA Times. Marlon James and his ambitious new novel A Brief History of Seven Killings
LA Times. John Darnielle on his novel Wolf In White Van and National Book Award nod
LA Times. Talking to new MacArthur “Genius” Fellows Alison Bechdel and Terrance Hayes
LA Times. Fall lookahead with Cedering Fox and WordTheatre
LA Times. Dylan Landis on her novel Rainey Royal
LA Times. Jules Fieffer and his graphic novel noir Kill My Mother
LA Times. Director Chris Weitz and his first novel, the YA thriller The Young World
LA Times. John Dean and his exhaustive new chronicle of the Nixon tapes, The Nixon Defense
LA Times. Book Show bookstore: “Are books the new vinyl? I think they are” says music industry vet and indie bookstore proprietor Jen Hitchcock
LA Times. Ken Vogel on his book Big Money, which is about money in politics in general, and specifically the biggest, hardest-to-track money, which means the Koch Brothers
LA Times. Garrison Keillor has a new book, and he talks to me about it while waiting for a plane
LA Times. Biographer Lynn Sherr on pioneering astronaut Sally Ride
LA Times. Letters of Note’s Shaun Usher on his blog’s gorgeous print book
LA Times. Willy Vlautin of Richmond Fontaine on his new novel The Free
LA Times. Rivka Galchen and her feminist revamping of classic short stories, American Innovations
LA Times. What’s up with the first California Bookstore Day
LA Times. Hit the road, Jackie: 12 road trip books written by women (online only)
LA Times. The How To Be A Writer Game: Play it online, beware the pit of despair

LA Times. Theodora Getty Gaston, now 100: her memoir recounts only part of her marvelous life.
LA Times. Joan Didion tells me Harrison Ford built her beach house. Worlds collide. Mind blown.
LA Times. Chimamanda Ngozi Aidichi pokes fun at race in Americanah
LA Times. Kate Christensen finds comfort in Blue Plate Special
LA Times. Jaron Lanier takes a hard look at the wired world in Who Owns the Future?
LA Times. Ken Baumann’s secret life in books
LA Times. After I saw a 1982 video of Harlan Ellison, Isaac Asimov, Studs Terkel and Calvin Trillin together (?!), I called Harlan Ellison to ask about that day. He told me an extraordinary story about assaulting his publisher. (online only)
LA Times. Satirical genius Sam Lipsyte on The Fun Parts
LA Times. Dan Baum is one of the Gun Guys
LA Times. Nick Flynn on his funhouse-mirror memoir, The Reenactments
LA Times. 2013 Faces to Watch: Michelle Meyering, Emily Rapp, Valla Vakili

LA Times. David Mitchell and Cloud Atlas David Mitchell’s “primal, ontological wow” of seeing his (unfilmable) book come to life on screen.
LA Times. The Silent History: A new kind of e-book
LA Times. Molly Ringwald and her fiction debut
LA Times. Holiday book recommendations 2012
LA Times. Ransom Riggs’ Talking Pictures