I’m an award-winning LA Times staff writer who covers books and authors and publishing; I write daily at our book blog, Jacket Copy, and regularly write book reviews and features that appear in the paper. I live in Los Angeles, but no longer in the pictured apartment — I had to move out when it filled to the ceiling with books. (not really, but almost).

The Paperhaus Cabin is in Joshua Tree, a 1958 homesteader cabin I fixed up that I rent out on Airbnb. It sits on 2.5 secluded desert acres, has all the amenities (internet, plumbing, kitchen) and, no surprise, lots of books.

Extracurricularly you’ll also find me on the board of the National Book Critics Circle.

Previously I have: consulted for The Getty, been editor of LAist, taught writing, been Marketplace’s web editor, worked for a literary agent and on the drivethru at McDonald’s (not in that order). I have an MFA from the University of Pittsburgh & a bachelor’s from USC.

In 2004 I had an internet radio show that was part music, part books. In an effort to record what was happening there — real live authors came and talked to me! And played music they liked! — I started a blog, and then a podcast, both called Pinky’s Paperhaus, which for a long time was the name of my blog. I blog so much for the LA Times that I don’t maintain a personal blog anymore, at least not right now. Instead I can be found on Twitter and Tumblr and Flickr and Pinterest and Facebook and Instagram and Path and Google+ and Ello and other shiny places on the internet.